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 United Faculty of Florida-Saint Leo Chapter

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About Us

United Faculty of Saint Leo University (UFSLU) is the exclusive collective bargaining agent and professional organization representing the faculty at Saint Leo University and is a chapter of the United Faculty of Florida (UFF).

United Faculty of Florida (UFF) is the organization for higher education faculty and professionals in Florida.

In our profession, there are many things we can accomplish as individuals: completing advanced degrees, writing lectures, teaching courses, advising students, doing research, writing scholarly articles and books.

But there are others we cannot accomplish alone: such as working to improve state funding for increased faculty salaries and benefits, working to improve the faculty's role in decision-making on campus, assisting in negotiation of collective bargaining contracts for over 22,000 professionals, protecting academic freedom and tenure, defending faculty rights, influencing the formulation of policy by the governing boards, working for legislation to improve the quality of education in our colleges and universities, and advancing academic excellence. Class load, equipment, salaries, professional advancement, instructional resources---ultimately every decision that affects higher education faculty is either a bargaining issue or a political decision and involves UFF.

But UFF does not accomplish all this on its own. We are assisted by our state affiliate, the Florida Education Association (FEA), and our national affiliates, the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and the AFL-CIO, bringing with them the strength of many millions of education and other professionals.

In the political arena, UFF and its affiliates advocate the interests of all UFF constituents before the Florida Legislature, United States Congress, and state and national education agencies.

On campus, collective bargaining contracts negotiated through UFF strengthen administrative accountability and promote educational quality.

Nationally, UFF members are involved in a network of fellow professionals and share in numerous professional development opportunities.

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